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Cristiano Ronaldo.
He only likes Kaka.


Cristiano Ronaldo.

He only likes Kaka.

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Arbeloa trolls Albiol

Arbeloa:”Estamos aqui gracias al chori(Albiol) y su aportacion, sin el no hubiesemos llegado a ser campeones del mundo, VAMOS CHORI!! Increible!” (“We’re here thanks to chori(Albiol) and his contributions, without him we had not been world champions, COME ON CHORI!! Amazing!”)

Note: Albiol was the only player that did not play even a minute in the WC

Pique and Cesc

Pique: “Campeones del mundo, campeones del mundo” (World champions, world champions)

Cesc: “Ooooooohhhhhhhh”

Xavi Alonso takes the world cup

Xavi Alonso:”Me la llevo, me la llevo…” (I’m taking it, I’m taking it…)

Pepe Reina is in search for Casillas, Where is he?…

Sergio Ramos:”Dale pa’ tras” (Go to the back)

Reina finds Casillas!

Pepe Reina: “(8)Esa es la carita pintada en mi corazoooon(8)”

Villa and Xavi joins Reina

and Casillas is like…

Xavi complains to Casillas for being with Sara when they’re all celebrating

Xavi: “Lo tuyo ya es de risa, de verdad que es de risa” (yours is to laugh, really is to laugh) Note: he means that it has been enough, enough that you could laugh ironically

And Sara understands that she has to free Casillas

Sara: “Bueno lo dejo, para que haga todas las maldades que quiera” (ok i’ll leave him, so he can do all the bad things that he wants)

And Xavi complains again

Xavi: “Insoportable todo el mundial, insoportable” (You were ubearable all the world cup, unbearable) Note: Ubearable cuz of the fact that he was like only thinking in Sara all the WC

Meanwhile, Reina and company keeps singing “pintame”

Reina: “(8)COJELOOOO(8),Arriba IKER!”

And they leave doing a “trencito” (Little train)

And then Reina does this…

Villa: “Ahhh, hijo de puta!!” (Ahh, Son of a bitch!!)

But Reina is just like…

Reina:”(8)ES LA COSAAAAAA(8)”

wtf!!! the music stops!!

But Reina starts it again

Reina and Ramos: “(8)LE DIJE YO AL PINTOR…(8)”

Sergio keeps singing

Sergio Ramos: “(8)PINTAME LA CARITA!(8)”

And the “trencito” keeps going

But sergio stops to filrt

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Israeli Ex-Soldiers “Break the Silence” in Sweden

The exhibition “Breaking the Silence” is now on display at the Army Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Itamar Shapira, an Israeli ex-soldier, talks to a Swedish high school class. He explains the daily life of an Israeli soldier stationed in the occupied territories.
[Itamar Shapira, Ex-soldier, Volunteer, “Breaking the Silence”]:
“With a cry to the Israeli society that sent us. Look what we have done; look at the world price that we are paying for holding the occupied territories - basically holding millions of Palestinians, with no rights, within military occupation. Look at what we have become on a personal level, look at what we have become as a society and we expose those practices. Palestinian civilian society is in front of us soldiers. What comes out of that rage we have? Because we are the law there, someone is refusing to stop, refusing not to go, refusing to stay inside his home, inside his village. [He] wants to go to work. What we do with any sort of this disobedience to this population. It’s important for us to expose that. We are the oppressors, we are the ones that are violating human rights on a daily basis. We are creating the terror against us, basically.” 
“Breaking the Silence” was born in 2004 when a group of people wanted to speak out about what they experienced and saw during their military service at the West Bank and Gaza. 
Today it’s a human rights organization that collects testimonies from Israeli soldiers and ex-soldiers to bring to the Israeli public. 
Shapira says it is important for the Israeli people, and the world’s people, to know that there are missions whose sole purpose is to provoke.
[Itamar Shapira, Ex-soldier, Volunteer, “Breaking the Silence”]: 
“Going in to civilian areas to look for the people that will be violent against you. Places that you are controlling. With people that have no rights. Oppressing them. This is a war against civilians, a war against society.”
Dotan Greenvald, ex-soldier and volunteer for Breaking the Silence, thinks that criticism is something that all democratic civilians must do in order to make their societies better.
[Dotan Greenvald, Ex-soldier, Volunteer, “Breaking the Silence”]: 
“To question the army and to criticize the army (is) considered to be very a big taboo in Israel and we have the legitimacy to hold a gun at age 18 so we have all the rights to criticize what we did in words.”
One of the high school students attending gave a suggestion for what Israel and Palestine should do to be able to live together in the future.
[Visitor, High School Student]: 
“Maybe to start all over again and not to belong anywhere, just start from scratch.”
NTD News, Stockholm, Sweden

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